Our Team

Tracee VanSlyke
Medical Transcriptionist

Tracee VanSlyke joined the Community Cancer Center (CCC) front office team in November of 2006 and brought with her several years of experience in both the medical front-office and back-office, with a specialization in women’s health. Tracee expressed feeling honored to be a part of the CCC staff.

At present, Tracee serves as a Medical Transcriptionist at CCC. Medical transcriptionists, also known as healthcare documentation specialists, play a vital role in converting voice recordings from healthcare professionals, including physicians, into formal reports. They use electronic devices to perform this task and may also edit medical records to ensure accuracy before returning documents for review and approval.

Apart from her professional life, Tracee and her husband are involved in owning and operating a cattle ranch. They have raised their two children on the ranch, along with livestock and pets. Additionally, they enjoy spending time with their grandbabies.

It’s clear that Tracee has a well-rounded life that includes both her career in healthcare and her involvement in a cattle ranch, along with the joy of family.