Our Team

Michele Rhoy
Medical Receptionist

Michele is a valued member of the Community Cancer Center’s front-office team, bringing with her over 20 years of experience in the medical field reception. Originally from California, she joined the center in 2016 and has since played a vital role in ensuring smooth administrative operations.

Michele warmly welcomes office visitors, creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. She manages the intake process for patients, which involves collecting essential information and ensuring they have what they need. Michele answers and routes incoming calls efficiently, helping patients and colleagues connect with the right people. She takes care of scheduling patient appointments, a crucial part of ensuring that patients receive timely care. Michele assists in managing the busy schedules of healthcare providers, ensuring that appointments are well organized. Michele keeps patient records up to date, including personal information and insurance and billing data, contributing to the accuracy of patient files. She handles the organization and filing of medical records, ensuring that they are easily accessible when needed. And Michele takes care of various administrative tasks that help keep the front office running smoothly.

In addition to her professional skills, Michele’s soft skills are noteworthy. Her ability to combine administrative tasks with compassionate patient interactions is critical for the success of the Community Cancer Center. Building rapport with patients and providing excellent customer service are essential components of her role.

Outside of work, Michele has a family-oriented life. She has five adult children and enjoys spending quality time with them. She also takes pleasure in playing with her grandchildren and visiting her relatives in California, maintaining strong connections with her roots. Michele’s dedication to both her work and family life makes her a valuable asset to the Community Cancer Center.