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Thank you for visiting the Community Cancer Center of Roseburg. Click here for general information and to learn more about our organization.

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Newly Diagnosed

We understand just how life changing a cancer diagnosis is. Here, you’ll find inspiring hope, exceptional staff, compassionate care and state-of-the-art treatment.

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Explore key resources and learn more about the care and support the Community Cancer Center provides.

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Patient Resources

Discover cancer prevention tips, smoking cessation resources, support group information, on-site patient resources and local community resources.

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Meet Our Medical Director

Dr. Michael Marietta

OHSU Radiation Oncologist | CCC Medical Director

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Compassionate, State-of-the-art Care from CCC & OHSU

A cancer diagnosis changes almost everything but it doesn’t change who a person is. We understand that the individuals in our care are far more than cancer patients. They are people with full lives that have been disrupted by a serious disease. They’re anxious and worried and searching for hope, and they find it here, at Community Cancer Center.

Those in our care are seeking the most direct path back to their previous lives, and they’re grateful that path doesn’t have to leave their own hometown. They know that the cancer specialists and OHSU physicians who lead our treatment team could be practicing anywhere. But they’ve chosen Roseburg for the same reason others have – to enjoy our outstanding quality of life. And to help others in their care get back to enjoying it too.

We hope you never need our care. But if you do, you’ll quickly learn what hope truly looks like.

Learn more about the Community Cancer Center of Roseburg here.

Stories of Inspiration

  • Teresa Stewart
    Successful Cancer Survivor

    “I have nothing but praise for the team at the Cancer Center. Everyone is not just professional, but very warm and welcoming. Not that I would want to, but I would do it again with their help.”
    Read Teresa's Story
  • Tammy Gilster
    Successful Cancer Survivor

    “I believe that the quality of care I received was as good as I would have received anywhere.”
    Read Tammy's Story
  • Regina Hopper
    Successful Cancer Survivor

    “After completing my treatments, I missed the people at the Community Cancer Center. I just loved them and knew I was getting better. I cannot say enough about all of the doctors and staff that helped me. They saved my life.”
    Read Regina's Story
  • Mel Nygard
    Successful Cancer Survivor

    “To a person, every individual I dealt with at the Community Cancer Center was nothing less that upbeat and positive in every way. My experience could not have been more wonderful.”
    Read Mel's Story
  • Mary Gilbert
    Successful Cancer Survivor

    “I could tell each doctor and staff member sincerely cared about me as a person and a patient; it’s a patient-first culture. It is refreshing to experience that level of care five minutes from my home.”
    Read Mary's Story
  • Brittany Harris
    Successful Cancer Survivor

    “I walked every floor of the Cancer Center with my sandwich board telling everyone how great Dr. Williams is and then marched the sidewalk in front of the building.”
    Read Brittany's Story
  • Cathy Smullen
    Successful Cancer Survivor

    “I met with CCC’s dietitian Ally Gottfried, and she helped me understand how to change my diet so that, as my appetite waned, the foods I did eat would provide the most energy to my body.”
    Read Cathy's Story

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Our Physicians

Michael Marietta, M.D. Radiation Oncologist
Michael Marietta, M.D.
Michael Marietta, M.D.
David Gallardo, M.D.
David Gallardo, M.D.
Cynthia D Kusler, FNP Family Nurse Practitioner
Cynthia D. Kusler, FNP
Cynthia D. Kusler, FNP
Dr. Joshua Weese Oncologist | Hematologist at Roseburg Community Cancer Center
Joshua Weese, M.D.
Joshua Weese, M.D.
Dr. Stephen Williams Oncologist | Hematologist at Roseburg Community Cancer Center
Stephen Williams, M.D.
Stephen Williams, M.D.