Our Team

Stephanie Morgan, NCCMA
Medical Assistant

Stephanie Morgan, the newest member of your nursing team, brings a unique blend of personal background and professional dedication to her role as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA). Her journey and commitment to patient care are truly commendable.

Born in Nacogdoches, Texas, and having spent her formative years split between Allen, Texas, and South Grafton, Massachusetts, Stephanie brings a diverse perspective and a well-rounded understanding of different communities to her work as a healthcare professional.

Stephanie’s education through the National Health Career Association (NHA) with a year of clinical experience leading to her CCMA certification demonstrates her commitment to honing her skills and knowledge to provide the best care possible to her patients. Her motivation for entering the healthcare field, driven by the belief that nothing is as important as a person’s health, is a sentiment that resonates deeply with the core values of healthcare professionals.

What’s particularly admirable about Stephanie is her dedication to staying current with evolving best practices in patient care. The healthcare field is constantly evolving, and this commitment to ongoing learning and improvement ensures that her patients receive the highest standard of care. Her emphasis on being there for her patients and guiding them through their cancer journey is indicative of her compassionate and patient-centered approach to healthcare.

Beyond her professional life, Stephanie’s hobbies of hiking and horseback riding speak to her love for the outdoors and the importance of work-life balance. These activities can undoubtedly help her recharge and maintain her well-being, which is crucial for healthcare professionals who often encounter emotionally challenging situations.

Stephanie Morgan’s background, education, and dedication to her patients make her a valuable asset to our nursing team. Her empathetic and caring approach to patient care is truly admirable, and her passion for staying current in the field bodes well for the quality of care she provides. Stephanie’s patients are fortunate to have her by their side during their healthcare journey.