Our Team

Michelle Galusha
Tumor Registrar

Michelle is a dedicated professional who has been a part of the Community Cancer Center (CCC) since 2009. Her role as a Tumor Registrar is crucial in the fight against cancer, as she is responsible for reporting cancer cases, treatment information, and survivorship data to the National Cancer Database. This data collection and analysis are essential for advancing cancer research and improving patient care.

In addition to her role at CCC, Michelle is actively involved in professional organizations related to cancer registration. She is a member of the National Cancer Registrars Association, which is a professional association for cancer information management. She is also a member of the Oregon Cancer Registrars Association, indicating her commitment to staying connected with local cancer registration efforts and updates.

Furthermore, Michelle holds the distinction of being the only Certified Tumor Registrar in Douglas County. This certification demonstrates her expertise and dedication to maintaining the highest standards in cancer data collection and reporting in her community.

Outside of her work, Michelle enjoys spending quality time with her husband. They have a shared interest in restoring their historic home, a labor of love that likely involves preserving a piece of local history. Additionally, they cherish moments spent camping and fishing with their family, making the most of the beautiful outdoor opportunities available in Douglas County. Their family includes a rescue dog named Sprocket, who is likely a beloved companion on their adventures.

Overall, Michelle’s professional commitment to cancer registration and her passion for preserving history and enjoying the outdoors with her family showcase her well-rounded and admirable life.