Our Team

Aaron Jones, RT(T)
Radiation Therapist

Aaron grew up in a small farming community called Yerington in Nevada, about 80 miles SW of Reno.  He moved to Roseburg in June 2022 after finishing school in Las Vegas and began working with the CCC family in the Radiation Therapy department. The favorite part of his job is meeting the patients.  Most are very friendly and have interesting stories to tell about their lives.  Even the patients who come in on their first day and seem nervous and less friendly, Aaron likes seeing them change over time and realize they are working with friends who have their best interest at heart.

Aaron also appreciates the people who work at the CCC.  “Everyone is so friendly, and the patient care is outstanding.” Aaron describes the CCC family as “a group of caring professionals dedicated to assisting our patients through possibly the most difficult part of their lives with concern and compassion.”

Some of Aaron’s favorite things to do in Oregon are hiking to the waterfalls, going to the coast and watching the waves crash, and riding the dunes in Florence. And he mentions sis favorite song is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen because it’s fun to sing along to in the car.