In Our Care

Helping You Stay Informed

Caring for those diagnosed with cancer means giving them the information they need to stay informed and remain empowered throughout the treatment experience. The Community Cancer Center staff is dedicated to listening to your needs and concerns and answering any questions you may have.

We also realize, from social media to TV shows featuring celebrity doctors, that misleading, poorly researched or medically discredited claims about the causes and treatment of cancer are all too common. The staff at CCC look to rigorous research performed by dedicated experts who are committed to the study and treatment of cancer and we encourage our patients and their families to do the same. We reference the below resources ourselves and recommend them to others looking to gain a trustworthy, scientific picture of the causes of the cancer and current care techniques.

Continuous Update Project (CUP) [link] from the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute of Cancer Research is an ongoing program that analyses cancer prevention and survival related to diet, nutrition and exercise.

How to Evaluate Health Information on the Internet” from the National Institute of Health.

Tumor Board

Through the Community Cancer Center’s affiliation with OHSU’s Department of Radiation Medicine, individual patient diagnoses are reviewed by a local tumor board to plan the most effective approaches to care. This multidisciplinary approach gives patients access to a diverse team of cancer specialists, including pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, gynecologists and urologists.

When a patient’s case is presented at tumor board, the specialists explore all possible approaches to care and collaborate on a plan that best fits the patient’s diagnosis and individual needs. This approach ensures each patient benefits from the perspectives and expertise of physicians with broad experience in the care of cancer patients.