Our Team

Glen Knutson

Glen’s journey with CCC began in 2002, where he became an integral part of the team, contributing not only to the organization’s success but also ensuring the smooth operation of building maintenance tasks. After years of dedicated service, Glen transitioned to a semi-retirement status in 2021, marking a new chapter in his life.

For Glen, the true joy lies in the moments spent with his cherished family. With three grandsons and four grown children, his heart is fullest when surrounded by their love and laughter. Away from the professional realm, Glen finds tranquility in the great outdoors. Camping trips offer him the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature, while hunting excursions allow him to embrace his adventurous spirit.

Sports also hold a special place in Glen’s heart, particularly when it comes to cheering on his favorite football team—the Ducks. Whether he’s watching the game from the comfort of his home or cheering alongside fellow fans in the stadium, Glen’s passion for his team knows no bounds. In every aspect of his life, Glen embodies the values of dedication, family, and a zest for life’s simple pleasures.