Smoke-Free Pregnancy Program

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There will never be a perfect moment to quit smoking. The Smoke-Free Pregnancy Program is a workshop designed to help women who are pregnant, or who plan to become pregnant, quit smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and all other nicotine products.

Participants meet once a week for 10 weeks and are provided with the tools to help them quit tobacco. Each session explores the top reasons to quit tobacco use, provides an improved understanding of the health risks of smoking, and designs a unique tobacco-free journey.

Weekly Meetings are motivational and provide support to participants to meet their goals and build relationships with others going through the same smoke-free journey.

Program Eligibility. The Smoke-Free Pregnancy program is limited to participants who are currently pregnant or planning to become pregnant and a current tobacco user. We define a tobacco user as anyone with nicotine dependence who uses nicotine devices like cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chew, etc.

Program Structure. Through the DIMENSIONS: Tobacco Free Program facilitators use motivational engagement strategies, community referrals, educational activities, and peer- or provider-led Tobacco Free groups to promote positive behavior change in individuals interested in tobacco cessation.

• 5 Workshops
• 5 Support Sessions
• Refreshments, Gift Cards, and Gifts for Baby

The Smoke-Free Pregnancy Program participants may earn Incentive Award* for both attending the weekly classes and maintaining a nicotine free status.

Below are the incentive award details:

Weekly Attendance Incentive Award                                              Nicotine Free Status Incentive Award
Week 1 attend class                                                                          30-days nicotine free earn $100 Visa gift card
Week 2 attend class and earn a $50 Visa gift card                         6-months nicotine free earn $100 Visa gift card
Week 3 attend class                                                                          12-months nicotine free earn $100 Visa gift card
Week 4 attend class and earn a $50 Visa gift card                         Total Incentive $300!
Week 5 attend class
Week 6 attend class and earn a $50 Visa gift card
Week 7 attend class
Week 8 attend class and earn a $50 Visa gift card
Week 9 attend class
Week 10 attend class and earn a $50 Visa gift card
Total Incentive $250!

*Incentive awards for attendance accrues weekly and are paid on a bi-weekly basis. If the participant misses one week, within the two week accrual period, the award is forfeited for that two-week period. Nicotine free incentive award begins accrual once the participant has read and understands the Pledge to Quit Program guidelines and signed and dated the Statement of Understanding. Program participants who attend more than one session are only eligible for incentive awards for their initial 10-week session. The exception to this is in the event the participant is attending make up classes from a prior session.


For more information, or questions about this program contact:

CCC Outreach Program Management                                      Douglas Public Health Network
Angelia Freeman | Phone: 541-672-0072                                Mitchell Kilkenny | Phone: 541-229-8987
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