Board of Directors

Ron Doan
Executive Committee Trustee

CCF Trustee since 1987 and held all officer positions

Ron retired in 2014 as the UIDC Operation Officer for the Cow Creek Tribe.  He also retired as the General Business Manager for Umpqua Indian Utility Cooperative.

He was previously with Pacific Power for 32 years, and held numerous Management assignments, most recently as the Director of General Business Management in Oregon, Washington, and California.

Ron is a graduate of Oregon State University, with a BS in Science.

He is actively involved in the community, and has served on several boards and committees:

Umpqua Bank Board of Directors, Mercy Medical Center Board, Douglas Community Medical Center Board, Community Cancer Center Board, Umpqua Indian Development Corp. Board, Douglas Timber Operators Board, Douglas County Industrial Development Board, CCD Business Development Corporation, Oregon Trail Boys Scout Council Board, Wildlife Safari Foundation, and Past President of both the Roseburg Chamber, and the Roseburg Rotary Club.

In 1994 Ron was named Roseburg’s First Citizen, for his involvement in the Douglas County Area.

Ron and his wife, Mary Jane, have four sons, and 10 grandchildren and  they have lived in Roseburg for the past 25 years.

Ron enjoys golf, reading, hunting, fishing, jet boating, and snow skiing and 10 grandchildren.